FAQ :Club Pro


Where can I collect my tickets for the shows ?
Club PRO members’ tickets, free with your membership fee, are available to collect from the invitations window at the entrance to the Cirque Phénix tent an hour and a half before the show.

Where can I collect my PRO Card ?
You can collect your PRO Card from the Club PRO welcome desk in the main hall of the tent upon your arrival.

I would like to come with someone, how can I do that ?
Each PRO Card is unique and individual, and provides access to ONE ticket for the show on Thursday and ONE ticket for the show on Friday.  If you would like to come with someone, your companion can also sign up to the Club PRO as a professional.  If they would prefer to come as a member of the public and would simply like to purchase tickets for the shows, please contact Bernadette Pierron : bernadette.pierron@cirquededemain.com, to arrange your additional tickets so that you can be seated together.

I can’t make it to the shows on Thursday and Friday so I would like to come on Saturday instead.
This can be arranged, subject to an additional fee.  Please contact Bernadette Pierron : bernadette.pierron@cirquededemain.com.

I’m having a technical problem with the Club PRO website.
If you have not found a solution in the tutorials available online, you can contact the Club PRO directly: club.pro@cirquededemain.com, or by telephone +33 (0)1 40 68 07 72

I have a question about the Club PRO, who can I ask? 
Please contact Bernadette Pierron : bernadette.pierron@cirquededemain.com.